Project Description
The goal is to create an universal extensible tool for learning resources conversion that includes an initial set of supported standards with an open architecture that allow to support the integration of new adapters.

Several standards for representing learning resources are proliferating.
These standards provide fixed data structures and communication protocols for e-learning objects and workflows. This enables interoperability between applications providing uniform communication guidelines that can be used throughout the design, development, and delivery of learning objects.
Consequently learning content portability across different tools is needed by end users for reusing existing material.

The project is currently undergoing a requirement specification phase. To this respect, any contribution is welcome.
A complete analysis of the translation problem between formats is made difficult by existing dependencies between formats and the undergoing standardization activities.
Starting from the preliminary analysis of the existing formats, the collection of needs and requirements from end-users and context experts may lead to a clear vision on the translation problem.
Once collected and prioritized the needs and requirements from the community, the work will be focuses on the design and the development of the core components of the extensible translation platforms, enabling the development of custom translators on selected formats.


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